-= About this game =-

Explore The Universe in a shiny new spaceship. Travel from planet to planet, fight against an evil Dr.Meowcraft and his robots, save the kidnapped kittens! CHIP is a 2D Metroidvania platformer in retro-style where you are a space rescuer of kittens. Run, jump, climb, and shoot your way through high-tech cities, mysterious rocks, and majestic forest.

-= Key features =-

  • * Single player game
  • * Explore the galaxy, jumping between 5 planets in your spaceship
  • * Uncover secret areas hidden away
  • * Upgrade your blaster with special abilities
  • * Cutting edge 0.3K (320x180) gameboy style pixel art graphics

-= Keyboard controls =-

Arrows - Movement

X - Jump / Double Jump

C - Interact / Attack

M - Level map

CHIP: Rescuer of Kittens has its own community space within our Discord server, join us!